Once upon a time, an unsui(雲水)、a traveling priest was passing through a village called "Mituske(見附)". The main street of the village was busy with people preparing for the Mitsuke Tenjin(見附天神) Festival, but something was wrong. Villagers looked gloomy, though they would have a festival. Then he heard someone weeping in a house on the street.
  The unsui peeked into the house. There he saw a beautiful girl sitting at the center of the room, surrounded by her family. All of them were sobbing. On the floor in front of her there was an arrow with white feathering.
 "What's going on?", he wondered. So he asked the reason to one of the villagers passing behind him. "That beautiful daughter was chosen as a sacrifice to a god", he lowed his voice and answered. "Every year at the beginning of August, an arrow appears out of nowhere and hits the house of a family that has a beautiful daughter. Then the family has to offer their daughter to the god of Mitsuke Tenjin On the night of the festival day. If we don't sacrifice a girl, all of our fields will be destroyed. So we call this festival "Naki-matsuri(泣き祭),festival of grief." Listening to his words, the unsui doubted if the god did such an outrageous thing.
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